Friday, September 5, 2008

Author Interview-Jerramy Fine

Here is my interview with Jerramy Fine,
Author of the new memoir : Someday My Prince Will Come-True Adventures Of a Wannabee Princess
Published by: Penguin Books

Have you always enjoyed writing?
Jerramy: Yes - but I never thought I'd make a career out of it. (I wanted to be a princess, remember?) But everyone around me constantly told me I should write a book, and when a friend of mine who had recently become a literary agent told me the same thing, I decided to give it a try.

What made you decide to write your own story?
Jerramy: I knew that my story was a unique and funny one - with a theme that lots of girls could relate to. There's lots of negativity and skepticism in the world these days - so most of all, I wanted my book to convey the importance of listening to your heart, holding tight to your childhood dream and believing in the impossible - no matter what those grumpy cynics out in the real world may tell you!

How long did it take?
Jerramy: About 9 months. I sat down at my desk every single day. Sometimes I'd write one sentence. Sometimes I'd write one chapter.

What challenges did you encounter along the way?
Jerramy: I didn't have any author friends so I had no one to talk to about the publishing experience and no idea if my experience was normal! Sitting at your desk by yourself every day can drive you a little crazy -I had one to talk to except the cat and the mailman!

Tell me about your experience with finding an agent and publisher.
Jerramy: I sent my proposal out to 6 agents (4 women, 2 men). Both men declined, but all 4 women wanted it and I had 4 offers within a week. One even sent me a glass slipper and I'd be able to get the other if I agreed to sign with her! But in the end I chose an English agent that worked in NY - so she understood exactly where I was coming from with my book. It was another month or so before my book went auction and it was finally sold to a Penguin within a week.

Are you working on another book? If so, can you share a little bit about what it is about?
Jerramy: Publishing such a personal memoir has been difficult. (Any criticism I've received has been towards me as a person rather than towards my writing and my skin is not thick enough for some of the abuse I've received!) So my next book will be fiction! I'm working on a novel set in London which will be another screwball comedy of sorts.

Since the book has come out, have you heard from the Royal Family?
Jerramy: No. But the book has not yet been published in the UK.

Are you still obsessed with the Royal Family?
Jerramy: Of course. I'm pretty sure that fascination will never go away.

What did you enjoy most about writing your story?
Jerramy: When I get into the zone, sometimes I don't even realize that I'm writing. Two hours will go by and then I'll look at my computer screen and think, "where did all those words come from??" I love it when that happens.

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Happy Writing!

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