Thursday, June 5, 2008


What I am currently reading: nothing right now-I am recharging.

The past two weeks have been rough for me. I found I was having a hard time getting anything done. Early on in the two weeks, I had good intentions when I sat down at my computer to write. I would get a little bit done before jumping on to the next thing on my to do list. Then I would get a little bit of that done, then move on to something else. I never really finished anything. My days all seemed to go like this. I was busy, but not really getting a lot done and as time went on, my motivation and energy waned and waned and pretty soon I was exhausted and crabby.

Yesterday I was talking to my good friend LeAnn about it and she said it sounded like I needed to recharge. When she said it, a light bulb went off in my head. It made total sense. It reminded me of a time I had a friend staying with me. Her cell phone was almost out of charge, but she never took the time to recharge it for long. She would plug it in for 15 minutes and then take it with her. It worked for a while, but soon died. She would then do the same thing-plug it in for another 15 minutes, have full charge for a while and then it died. I watched her do this for the whole weekend and I have to say it became exhausting. It took more time and energy for her to try to recharge the phone this way, instead of taking the time to fully recharge it.

I guess that is what I was doing. I was getting low on energy, but rather than take the time to fully recharge, I was doing little 15 minute mini power-ups. I was not able maintain my energy for very long and I'd soon crash. Two weeks of this is tiring.

LeAnn said I needed to take a few days off and not worry about emails, writing, blogging, assignments...I needed to totally take a break in order for my "battery" to fully charge. I did a little of that today, but had to tie up a few loose ends. Tomorrow it is full steam ahead. I am excited about all the possibilities: reading, knitting, games with the kids, movies, guitar hero, photo many choices.

I share this with you, to remind you that there are times you need to take a break and fully recharge your batteries. Put your novel aside, stop working on your article for a day, turn off the computer...whatever it takes, give yourself permission to rest or go out --it doesn't matter just do something else for at least 24 hours. I promise you will come back refreshed and ready to go.

I will be back next week all rested and ready to go with some fresh ideas on a variety of markets.

Happy recharging!


Renee Knowles said...

Yes! I totally need to recharge, and maybe needed a kick in the backside to do it. You make great points, Kerrie. Our writing and attitude can get stale if we don't remember to take some time for ourselves.


Jeanne Dininni said...

You are so right, Kerrie!

It's too easy to become so obsessed with our writing that we forget to stop, take a deep breath, relax, go for a walk, or do something fun with our families. Getting away from the computer for a while can be one of the best ways to freshen our perspective, re-energize us, and provide new inspiration for our writing. We then return teeming with ideas and enthusiasm--ready to tackle our craft with renewed vigor.

Thanks for the reminder!

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