Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tools For Writing Success-Organize Your Work

It is imperative that you track everything you send out to publishers/editors/agents. You don't want to make the mistake of sending the same thing to the same editor-over and over, without even giving them a chance to respond. That doesn't reflect highly on you.

Also, it lets you know exactly when you sent a piece out, so you can follow up at the appropriate time if necessary. You can see how many things you sent out. It tracks the editors/agents you have sent to. And it gives you a good visual of how hard you are working to get your work published.

There are a couple of methods I have used over the years.

The first thing I tried was a spiral notebook. Every time I sent something out I took out my handy dandy notebook and wrote the date, what I sent out and to whom. I just kept a running record of everything. That worked pretty well for me for a few years.

The next method I tried is the one I still use. I set up a spreadsheet in Excel with 8 columns. I put the following headings in the columns:

(query, poem, article...)
Sent to:
Email or address
Follow up

So now, when I send something out, I open up my spreadsheet and fill in the information. Once again I have a running record of everything I send out, but in Excel, I have different options of how to sort the information, I can cut and paste or move things around.

For me it is an effective way make sure I know exactly what I have "out there."

Happy Writing!

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