Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tools For Writing Success-Effective Goal Setting

Goals give our brain a direction--something to work toward. When we don't set goals, we can feel lost and frustrated. For some, the idea of setting goals can be overwhelming. Here are a few things I have found to make goal setting easier and more effective.
  • Be specific & positive
    • give dates you will achieve your goal by
    • be as detailed as possible
    • always say what you will or intend to do

  • Start with a few big goals for the year.
    ex. "I will find an agent for my middle-grade novel by December 2008." Write those down and post them somewhere you will see them everyday.

  • Each month write down the action steps you are going to take to achieve your big goals.
    ex. " I will query 5 agents about my novel by February 28th. You can then take it a step further and each week write out specifically what steps you will take to reaching your goal. ex. "I will find 5 potential agents to send my query to." The next week it might be, "I will write an effective query letter." The idea is that all of your actions reflect your bigger goals, keeping you focused and on track.

  • Visualize
    Picture yourself achieving your goals. See yourself getting the call from the agent.

  • Share
    Find a writing buddy. Each of you can share your goals with each other and help to encourage and support each other along the way. I know for me, having someone I am accountable to helps me to stay on track better.
Happy Writing & Goal Setting!

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