Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tools For Writing Success-Know Your Markets

Years ago when I was starting out as a new writer, I attended lots of workshops & conferences, read a ton of books, subscribed to magazines and talked to writers. One thing kept coming up over and over again-Know Your Market. This piece of advice enabled me to find some writing successes early on in my career and it will do the same for you.

It doesn't matter what kind of writing you do-fiction, non fiction, magazines, poetry, short stories, business writing...the advice is still the same. A little extra time spent in researching the perfect fit for your work will save you time and disappoint in the end.

Some tips apply to any genre:

Read the Guidelines
The internet makes this so easy. Whether it is a book publisher, a literary agency or a magazine, the writers guidelines can be found online. Or get the Writers Market or another book that contains writers guidelines.

Read What You Want to Write
If you write for magazines-read magazines. If you write young adult books-read other YA books. If you write poetry-read poetry...I think you get the idea. You must be familiar with the genre you want to write for.

Know the Trends
You should understand what it selling or what is popular for the market you want to write for. For books, notice the titles of best-selling books. Are they long? Short? Descriptive? Vague? It doesn't mean you should change the focus of your book or give up because your genre is not the "hot" genre right now. Trends always change. You just need to be aware of them.

Advertising (this is for magazine writers)
Pay attention to the ads in the magazines you write for. What is the age of the people in the ads? What activities are they doing? What products are being highlighted? This will let you know more about the reader of this magazine and give you a better idea how to slant your article.

~Happy Writing

Next time...Effective Goal Setting

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