Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tools For Writing Success-The Biz

January 21, 2008

I am starting a blog "mini-series" over the next couple of weeks. I believe there are some core strategies that can be used to make you more a more successful writer, regardless of your genre.

The first topic is, "The Biz." It is important that as a writer, you know what is going on in the writing and publishing world. You should know there is a writers strike going on and why they are on strike. You should know the current trends happening in your genre. You should know the names of successful writers in your genre. And you should know the do's and don'ts. So how do you do that?

When I made the decision to become a freelance writer and write for magazines, I had to learn all I could about the magazine writing world. One of the first things I did was subscribe to various ezines. An ezine is an electronic magazine. There are many out there that you can subscribe to for free. Experiment and try out different one's, until you find a few you enjoy and actually read.

Here are some ezines you can try for free:

New York Times Bestseller list. You can sign up to receive weekly book reviews.

Publishers Weekly

Absolute Write

Wooden Horse Magazines Database

Women on Writing

Fiction Factor -they have 7 different genres represented

Writers Weekly

Worldwide Freelancer

The Writers Gazette

If you know of any good ezines let me know.

Happy Reading and check back in a couple of days for the next entry.


next time...The Biz con't-Books & Magazines

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