Saturday, January 26, 2008


originally written on December 10, 2007

The last few days have been quite an experience for me. On Thursday, as many of you know, I had a bad fall and ended up completely dislocating my shoulder. Here is the event in a nutshell
horrendous pain
firefighters & ambulance
morphine (a truly beautiful thing)
sedation (another beautiful thing)
finally-after 4 hours-shoulder put back in place without me remembering it at all

Because my shoulder was out for so long, there is a lot of soreness, pain and numb fingers. I am just starting to feel some improvements.

For those of you who have had something sudden appear in your life like an accident, illness or challenge, you will understand what I am talking about when I say that priorities shoot to the surface and everything else seems to falls away. I knew I had to figure who was going to get my kids back and forth from school for a few days, check to see if I had any deadlines coming up and cancel any appointments that could wait.

All of those other little things: dusting, sorting through my files, putting holiday decorations in every nook and cranny of my house and making my house spotless for an upcoming party, didn't seem as important anymore. My family was taken care of and I was taking care of myself. The rest of the things would have to wait or like with the house, my standards would have to drop from spotless to clean.

I don't know about you, but my mind usually races with all the little things I have to do. The truth is, when my mind was relaxed and going at a slower pace, the world did not fall apart. I could actually think more clearly.

Obviously, the accident forced me to slow down. I couldn't continue at this pace forever. But it made me think that there must be a compromise. There must be a way to prioritize life through our words and actions and still be successful, relaxed and happy.

Many people, including myself, will say they have certain priorities, but when you watch how they live their life, it contradicts what they say. I wonder if it is because we have too many priorities on our list or what we think are priorities, anyway

Maybe our true priorities are those things that are at the core of who we are. Our beliefs, the things that make us tick, the important people in our lives...the things we can't live without.

For many of us, the need to write is at our core. We feel drawn to it; it gnaws at us. It is a true priority for us, but our actions don't always show that. We put the writing on a special shelf and only take it down on special occasions or when we feel worthy enough. We forget about it with all those small day-to-day activities, that might not be inline with our priorities.

Make a list or think about the top 7 priorities in your life. Are you living your life supporting those priorities? Do you need to make some changes? Do you need to let some of the smaller stuff fall away? What can you do to line up your priorities with how you live your life?

Happy Writing!

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